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How to get first order on Fiverr in 2018 – Fiverr Buyer Requests

How to Get First Order on Fiverr (Urdu/Hindi)

(Step by Step Guide )

How to send buyer request on Fiverr – How to get Orders on Fiverr


Before Proceeding to Fiverr buyer requests I’d like to Explain a Responsiveness. This is a most important step in getting your first order. Try to being Online 24/7. Responds your buyers quickly and efficiently. “First impression is the last impression”. When you respond quickly to the buyer then he can clarify everything. Usually, Buyers send one message to many other sellers at a time and then they wait for the Response from the Seller. How to work on fiverr in urdu.

The usual buyer chooses Level 1, Level 2 or Top Rated sellers but while sending a message to many sellers he also chooses beginners. If the beginner responds quickly and then others, there are possibilities to get your first order. In this topic You will learn,  how to send buyer request on fiverr, how to get orders on fiverr, how to make money on Fiverr, easy ways to make money on Fiverr, how to sell on Fiverr, how to get first order on Fiverr and Much more.

how to get first order on fiverr

how to get first order on fiverr

Respond like a Profesional:

Send the Efficient and Effective message to the Buyers. Read the details carefully and try to use the similar words that are used by the buyer and try to be relevant. Write your message in a Professional manner or you can use the Fiverr Quick Responses. For Example
“Hi <buyer Name>,

Thanks for contacting me. I would be very interested in working with you on this project. <please add details here>


Check out about “How to Send the Effective Message to the Buyers” for more details.

Buyer Request:

After creating the gigs on Fiverr. Now it’s time to send the Buyer Requests. You will find the buyer
request by Clicking the Going to ORDERS in the Main Menu.

50% of Beginners get their first order from the buyer requests. Because it took some time to rank your gigs in Fiverr search engines. When your gig is ranked then it is challenging for buyers to trust on the Beginner and gave him an Order. But you can solve this problem by sending the buyers request.

Here some buyers are looking for the special type of services but their budget is not enough to higher a Level 2 or Top Rated Seller. You can offer them to work with you within their budgets.

Buyers Request is the best way to getting your first order. In Some Categories, there is 1000+ buyer Request posted by the buyers daily. You can send 10 buyer request on the daily basis. Effectively use your buyer request and get your first order in a day.

How to send Buyer request on Fiverr?

This is the important thing to sending an Effective buyer request. A request which attracts. Sometimes there is 100+ Request sent to a Single Buyer Request. Now you’ve to create such an awesome buyer request to Stand Alone from the others seller.

Some Important points:

Try to send the Best Relevant Request. (e.g if the buyer asked for a WordPress Design then you should send offer related to the WordPress)

Show your Best and Relevant Portfolio

Show your best portfolio to the buyer related to the Request. E.g If buyer asked for WordPress Website on Food Blog then try to show
him your work with a Food Blog or something relevant to this.

Offer the Best Price to the Buyer

Your focus shouldn’t be on Earning. Try to do the quality work and make the buyers happy, If you did an extraordinary job then buyers can be left a Tip up to $200 or more.

Try to Stand Out from the other Sellers

When a buyer posts a request on Fiverr then you should try to be stand out from the others because there should be many other sellers. Even Level 1 and Level 2 sellers also send buyer requests. When they are not getting
orders or they want to get more and more orders. In that case, your Offer should be the Best for the buyer which forced the buyer to ignore all the other offers from the other sellers.

Send the Request with Similar Gigs

When a buyer post request for a Specific Purpose then you should try to offer him with similar gigs. For Example when a buyer post for a Logo Design then tries to send your offer with Your’s Logo Designing Gig. If you don’t have
any gig in the logo designing then you can send an offer with the relevant or similar gigs. But your top priority should be the Logo Designing.

Try to Offer Unlimited Revisions:

I told you in the above paragraph that is difficult for a buyer to trust on a newbie/Beginners. So try to offer unlimited revisions to the buyer. It is a plus point. When you are offering unlimited revisions then a buyer can trust you
because he knows that you’ll revise the delivery until he satisfied with the project.

It is also a Plus point for Seller/Beginners When you do unlimited revisions and the buyer is satisfied with your work. Then he will leave a Good Review which helps you to become trustworthy and getting more orders easily then the first one. If you did an extraordinary job then the buyer can be left you a TIP and he will order more from you.

Try to use Milestone Feature:

If your order is Big Enough (min $100) then you can divide your order into subparts. You can set milestones for delivery. For Example, your Buyers asked you the Desing 50 Mobile Screens each for $10, then you can divide your order into three or four subparts. You can set a milestone to delivery the first part of 10 or 15 Screens then after approval of buyer, you can send other screens as well.
This is an amazing feature of Fiverr. Check out Complete Details of Milestone Feature.

Always Try to Do Some Extra Work

Try to Include some Extra Work in the order. For Example, if a buyer asked for App UI Design then offer him Extra Mockups/Showcases etc.

Social Sharing:

Try to share your Profile on Social Media. When you get around 200-300 View from the Social Media, your gig will be easily ranked on a Fiverr search engine.

Learn how to make money online as a freelancer using three freelance marketplaces like Fiverr, Upwork or Freelancer. First of all, we are starting with Fiverr. Becuase Fiverr is the Best Platform for the Beginners. I have written Fiverr guide for beginners to how to make money from Fiverr quickly.

In this Video Lecture, You’ll learn How to get First Order on Fiverr by sending Buyers Request. Buyer request is the special feature on Fiverr. When the buyer didn’t find their requested service on Fiverr they Submit a Custom Request. Now the Seller which can work on the requirement of the buyer on his request sends the offer. This is the best way to getting orders. But many sellers send the request to the buyer and only one seller gets the order. It’s mean your request should be unique and Different from others. This is what you will learn in this video lecture.


Many Peoples want to Earn Online but due to Lack of Skills without Proper Management of Skills, they did not achieve their Goals. Therefore We’ve decided to teach you Skills (Tips & Tricks) that would enable you to earn online within a Week or Two.


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