Amazing Car App UI Design Full KIT (Freebies)

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Car App Ui – Mobile ui Design – Free PSD Download

Car User Interface-  App ui Design Inspiration

Download Free Car App UI Design including Free Source File iOS App UI Design PSD. The Car App Includes Home Screen, Profile Screen, Login Screen, Sign Up Screen and Setting Screen.

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Login Screen and Create a New Account Screen

Login Screen Contains two Input Fields i.e Email and password. The User would need to provide his registered email and password to log into his account.

The user can also log in to using Facebook Account. Login Screen Also contains forgot password option which will help the user in case if he forgot his password.

app mockup

Create Account Screen Contains four input fields i.e First Name, Last Name, Email, and Password.

This Screen Also contains the option for Sign in. If the User mistakenly opens this screen instead of the sign-in screen, no problem He can still sign-in to his account.

login screen

Car App UI Home Screen – Mobile ui Design

The Home Screen from the mobile UI design contains the details of the Car owner, Distance from the owner, and Car Pictures. This screen contains infinite details.

app ui design inspiration

Profile Screen – App UI Designs

Profile Screen contains the details about the Car Year, Make, Model, and Distance from you. This screen also contains the different pictures of the car. This Screen also contains a detailed Description of the Car.

car app ui

Listing Screen – UI Design Examples

Friend Listing Screen from the UI design examples Contains the details of the Car Making Year, Model of the Car, Year of Modification. This screen also contains the unlimited list of Friends Cars.

ui design examples

Setting Screen – Mobile Designs

Setting Screen of mobile designs Contains eight input fields which include Zip Code, Range, Time Frame, Year, Make, Model, Trim, and Keywords.

mobile designs





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