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Service Exchange App – Free Download PSD

IOS App Design – Best UI Design – Mobile Application UI Templates – Free iPhone Apps Design templates

Service Exchange IOS App Design consists of 16 Different Screens. It is specially designed to exchange Services/Products. Users can search products or Services Using Search Screens. Three Special Search Screens of Apps design Templates and mobile apps design templates and iphone apps design templates are designed for this purpose. i.e Search Screen 1, Search Screen 2 and Search Results. When User finds the Desired Service then he can contact that person who posted service.

40+ Best iPhone Mockup Collection – iPhone X Mockup

They Can chat via Using Chat Screen. After they’ve finalized their deal they can chat with each other by using Service Provider Screen. The user can also post their own products and Can check the Status of their Products. Download Free Mobile App Design Templates.

Valentine Day Party Flyer PSD Template Free

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Service Exchange App – IOS App Design

This is the completion of all the important Screens of Service Exchange App. The above Mockup includes Splash Screen, Login Screen, Messaging Screen, Profile Screen, Menu Screen, Search Screen, Search Result Screen and Messaging about offer Screen.

01. Service Exchange App – IOS App Design

Login Screen

This is the Login Screen and Profile Screen of the Service Exchange IOS App Design. The Login Screen Contains Brand Logo, User Email, and User Password. Login Screen also contains the option for Sign In with Facebook. And If you don’t have an account then you can sign up for the new Account.

Profile Screen

This Profile Screen contains the Ratings of the Service Provider and its recent exchange ratings with the username and little description about the user. Profile Screen also contains the information about the User Location and Biography. Moreover, this screen contains the information of User Service, User Products/ Current Offers and Past offers of the User.

02. Splash Screen – IOS App Design

This is the Splash Screen of the IOS App Design. This Screen shows to a user while the app is loading files. Here You can place your company logo. This Screen also shows the progress of loading data. See More Splash Screen.

03. Login Screen – iphone apps design templates

This is the Login Screen and Profile Screen of the Service Exchange IOS App Design. The Login Screen Contains Brand Logo, User Email, and User Password. Login Screen also contains the option for Sign In with Facebook. And If you don’t have an account then you can sign up for the new Account.

04. Verification Screen

Verification Screen is designed for the verification of the New User. When a New User Creates an Account, then after creating an account the user will verify his identity by entering his Location and Phone Number.

05. Menu Screen – iphone apps design templates

Menu Screen is the Main Screen which shows the Splash Screen. This Screen also called home screen. In this screen, users can choose different screens of the app. This Screen shows the complete details of all the Screen of the Barber app. User Can also log out of this screen. Account Setting and Setting Screens can also be accessed from this screen. Watch More Menu Screens

06. User Profile Screen

20+ iPhone Mockups – New Collection 2018 – Free PSD

User Profile Screen is the Screen where The Users can see about the service exchanger. On Profile Screen user will find the following details.
a. Profile Picture
b. Name, Description
c. Ratings
d. Location
e. Biography
f Current Services
g. Current Items (offered items)
h. Pas Offers (expired offers)

07. Service Progress Screen – iPhone Apps Design Templates

On the Service Progress Screen from the iphone apps design templates, the users can check the status of their services. They Can share details via the message on the Service Progress Screen. They can also see the status of the Service Via Images or Videos.

iphone apps design templates

08. Search Screen 1

This is the First Search Screen, where the user can find their required things easily, e.g If User is looking to exchanging his service the user can filter it accordingly. This Screen contains following features.
01. Search box
02. Filter
03. Categories
04. Posted Within
05. Post Popularity
06. Save

08. Search Screen 1

This is the Second Search Screen, where a user can choose Services or items according to locations and Distance from him. This screen contains following features of the Mobile Application UI Templates.
a. Filter, Cancel and Reset
b. Search Box.
c. Location.
d. Distance from user’s Home.
e. Categories.
f. Posted Within
d. Save

09. Search Results – Mobile Apps Design Templates

After Filter Search from the Search Screen and Search Screen 2 this Screen Shows which is called Search Results screen. This Screen contains the search results of the Service, Items, and products. Following are the Features of the Search Result Screen of mobile apps design templates.
a. Search Bar (at top)
b. Full Image View with Details and Button.
c. Categories.
d. Items Results, Products Results and Service Results.

10. Setting Screen – Free Mobile App Design Templates

Using Setting Screen of Mobile Application UI Templates user can set the different features working, the user can change account information and much more. Search Screen consists of following features.
a. Account Setting
b. Preferred Storage.
c. Preferred Search.
d. Display Settings and Much more.

11. Notification Screen – Mobile Apps Design Templates

Notification Screen of Mobile Application UI Templates is designed for receiving notifications. This screen shows the notification for New Offers, Message notifications, Offer Complete Notification etc.

2018 Best Music App UI Design – Mobile App Design with PSD

12. Messaging Screen – Free Mobile App Design Templates

When the user finds required offer after search results then he can send messages to the exchanger. This Screen shows the information about the User like Profile Screen, UserName, User Ratings and little Description of the User. Following are the different features of the Messaging Screen. Download Free mobile apps design templates.

a. Type your offer.

b. The type you Service Type/Product Type/Items type.

c. Type Category of your offer.

d. Type your message.

13. Create Offer Screen

Create offer Screen is designed for creating a Custom offer for offering a Service/Product. This Screen contains detailed information about the product. This the very important screen of the Service Exchange App.Following are the feature of the Create offer Screen.
a. Services/Items (Swap between Services or Items).
b. Pictures of the Products/Service/Item.
c. Categories of the Service/Item.
d. Product Title, Location, Product Description.
e. What are you Looking for? (Exchange offer Category).
f. Exchanofferfer Product Description.
g. Preview You Offer (How your offer looks)

14. Legal Screen -Mobile Apps Design Templates

Legal Screen from the mobile apps design templates contains the Terms and Conditions of the App. Privacy Policies and Disclaimer.

apps design templates

50+ Android Mockup PSD – Samsung Galaxy s9 Mockup PSD – BrightWayTech

15. Chat Screen – Apps Design Templates

This is the Chating List Screen from the apps design templates where the user can see the Different Messages with time and attachment details.

16. Chat Screen – Apps Design Templates PSD

Chat Screen is specially designed for chatting with the user and clients. This Screen contains lots of features. This screen is a combination of Skype Messaging Screen, Facebook Messaging Screen, WhatsApp and Instagram Messaging Screen, This is a special type of Screen used for special purposes. This Screen can also be used for calling.

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Download this App UI/UX Designing, Mobile Application UI Templates, apps design templates for free in just a single click. Please don’t forget to share this post if you like what you receive.  Also gave us the suggestion about your need then we will convert your suggestion into the design and will let you know your contact details.








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